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This is an on-going record of how we've taken a brand-new Fiat panel van and cut big holes in it to convert what remains into a motorhome. We hope anyone contemplating building a motorhome will find encouragement here. With careful planning, modest diy skills, a few basic tools, and a little determination it can be done.

Whilst the van is fully converted, there are some parts which still have to be finished off (is anything ever finished?), so those sections may be incomplete.

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Parked in the square in Eymoutiers, France

Sunny days touring in Deep Red...
Parked in the square in Eymoutiers, near Limoges, France. Enjoying a late breakfast, having bought some croissants from the patisserie close by.

Hard to believe we are beginning our eighth year with Deep Red - where does the time go? We recall that in mid-February 2008 we were actually working outside in sunshine sawing up plywood sheets for the floor! We still haven't completely finished fitting out the van, partly because we keep making changes in the light of experience, so I guess we'll keep the website going for a while yet.