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This is an on-going record of how we've taken a brand-new Fiat panel van and cut big holes in it to convert what remains into a motorhome. We hope anyone contemplating building a motorhome will find encouragement here. With careful planning, modest diy skills, a few basic tools, and a little determination it can be done.

Whilst the van is fully converted, some pages may be incomplete. Parts of the van need finishing off and, as we continue to make improvements, some parts are work-in-progress. It is surprising how, over time (and as one grows older!), things that were fine when one started no longer work so well and need to be changed.

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Enjoying the sun in Benidorm

Sunny days touring in Deep Red...
Relaxing in Benidorm March sunshine.
Don't believe all the bad things you may hear about the place. It has some great campsites and, because of its micro-climate, the weather is often good when other places nearby are suffering the worst wind and rain!

We are getting ready for our late-summer holiday. It's one of the great benefits of being retired, one can take off once the school holidays have finished and the crowds have gone. Usually, we never plan anything, just cross the channel with our campsite books and medication and head south for the sun! But this year we are going to start with a Motor Caravanners' Club rally in Brittany for the first few days, which should be a lot of fun, and then, no doubt, meander our way south.