Suppliers. Sources of Information. Useful Organisations.

This is an on-going list of suppliers we have used and sources of information we found of particular use. Inclusion in the table does not constitute a recommendation - but if we found a supplier we used was unsatisfactory - we would not include them!
There are many other suppliers of course, but we cannot list them all, let alone keep such a list up to date.
All links are checked regularly (last 6 January 2018).

Item Manufacturer - website Supplier - website Comment
Hinged & Sliding Windows Dometic UK. Rainbow Conversions Dometic Seitz S4 range; not all types of Seitz windows are available to self-builders. Sliding windows may have to be ordered.
Toilet Window Dometic UK. Magnum Motorhomes Magnums - a veritable Alladin's cave, both new and surplus parts spread over several warehouses with friendly, helpful staff. Well worth a visit.
Midi-Heki and
Mini-Heki Rooflights
Dometic UK. Magnum Motorhomes see Magnums above
Midi-Heki Rooflight, Long Brackets Dometic UK. Leisurespares Leisure Spares can supply longer brackets with screws for Midi-Heki rooflight.
Smev 8000 Series Hob & sink unit; 20 litre Oven Dometic CAK Tanks Smev products are now part of the Dometic group. CAK tanks produce a very comprehensive catalogue containing much information of value to the self-builder.
Fresh Water Tank, 66 Litre, CAK-223, Waste Water Tank, 50 Litre, CAK-224 CAK Tanks CAK Tanks Tanks designed to fit X250 Ducato underfloor in front of rear axle; Waste offside, Fresh nearside. Will need insulation wrap if used in winter.
Shurflo Trailking 7 ltr(?) 12v 16psi Water Pump Shurflo CAK Tanks Excellent pump. Easy to clean filter.
'Marine' folding, sink Mixer tap CAK Tanks Solid brass, chromed. 2 x 3/8" BSP male connections - 'just' fits into Smev 8000 Series sink recess with clearance for glass top.
Waste Water Tank Drain Valve Asap Supplies Find it under Marine Section as Ball Valve, 3/4 inch. BSP Female both ends. They have several types in different materials. Cost around £10 plus post
Toilet - Dometic CTW4110 swivel-bowl, cassette Dometic Magnum Motorhomes This version of swivel bowl toilet has a larger cassette (19 litres) with wheels and pull-handle. It has a holding tank for flush water and uses an electric pump for flushing the ceramic bowl. We replaced the original Thetford toilet with this one as it is easier to empty (no carrying!)
Toilet - Thetford C-200CW swivel bowl, cassette. Thetford Europe Magnum Motorhomes The first cassette toilet we fitted and used for 5 years. This version has own holding tank and manual pump flush, (it doesn't use the van fresh water tank for flushing water).
Wash basin. Cora Countertop Ceramic Basin Better Bathrooms Domestic item. Will need separate slotted-waste fitting.
Washroom Tap. CDA Single-lever Tower Mixer Tap TV6 CDA Taps UK Chromed, solid brass, quality domestic item. Supplied with flexible pipes, one-way valves and 15mm connectors. Listed as a 'kitchen' tap.
Refrigerator - Waeco CoolMatic CR-80, (80litre, 12v compressor fridge) Waeco. Now part of Dometic empire, this model may no longer be supplied. MPS Trading Ltd Very good service and prices from this supplier. Had none in stock, fridge shipped direct from Germany, arrived within a week. Latest check indicates Waeco products still sold by MPS, but no refridgerators were listed.
Sterling 50Amp Battery to Battery Charger & Remote Panel Sterling Power JG Technologies This supplier had excellent price, however, we discovered later, the charger was superseded model - it has not made any difference in use though.
Sterling 12v 20amp Pro-Battery Charger Sterling Power The 12 Volt Shop Mains battery charger. Stand-by item to charge leisure batteries when on hook-up in unlikely event that solar panels are not producing enough charge. Useful for use at home.
Note As at November 2015, the website was off-line after a change in ownership.
Leisure Batteries, Banner Energy Bull 115Amp/hour Banner Batterien RoadPro We could not find a local supplier of Banner batteries, however, the service and price from this well-known supplier of motorhome kit was excellent.
12/24volt, 12pole Fuse Box; 100Amp Master Switch; various cables, midi fuse holders, fuses, terminals The 12volt Shop Discount supplier via SBMCC, good prices, excellent website.
Note Website has been off-line for some time - see above
Interior fluorescent light units, 12v. CAK Tanks
Solar Panels Triplesolar We bought our panels from this UK company, but website appears to be off-line. Solar panels of all sizes are fairly easy to obtain now.
MPPT Solar Regulator & Remote Display Conrad UK Conrad stock a range of Solar Charge Controllers (and a lot of other stuff besides)
Aluminium channel (for mounting solar panels) Aluminium Warehouse This company supply a large range of aluminium sections, tools, etc. Excellent service.
Cables, terminals, wiring sundries Vehicle Wiring Products Useful source, perhaps not the cheapest, but very good service. Produces super illustrated catalogue inc. useful tools.
Induction Ammeter, 30Amp. Vehicle Wiring Products Useful ammeter to check on output of Sterling B2B charger, or the 12v. mains charger. Can also be clipped on any electrical cable to show the approximate current being carried in that cable (up to 30amp)
Volex 240v Consumer Unit, Stainless steel screws, Bosch Cobalt Holesaws, etc. Screwfix Does a useful catalogue of a huge range of items
Lpg 20 litre Tank, fittings, pipe, Filler adaptor, etc. Tinley Tech Good prices and service, very helpful people.
Propex Malaga 3E storage water heater Propex Heatsource CAK Tanks Lpg gas and mains electric water heater.
Propex Heatsource HS2000E Gas and Electric space heater Propex Heatsource Rainbow Conversions New version of old favourite space heater. This one will also work on mains electricity. Note the dimensions, this heater is very long and takes up a lot of space! Installation instructions poor, not a 'ISO Quality' document.
(Original Build)
8x4ft 4mm Cherry-veneered Plywood Panels
DCG Panel Products Reasonable prices, free delivery. Not convinced this was the finest quality panel for the price; suspect some of the panels were surplus to requirements from another job. They were useable, but we should have gone and inspected them before sale. Oh well, you live and learn.
(2014 Washroom re-vamp) 2440x1220mm (8x4ft) 4mm Cherry-veneered Plywood Panels Jennor Timber Co. Ltd. Very helpful company, excellent service. Stocks a wide range of timber products.
Cherry Iron-on edging veneer Vale Veneers Good quality product, excellent service.
Eco-Therm Insulation Board Ecotherm Jewson see Insulation Section
General Purpose Insulation foil blanket Thermawrap Homebase Supplied in a roll 600mm x 7.5 metres long x 4mm thick.
Vinyl lining for ceiling and walls; Heat resistant adhesive Woolies Publishes a useful free catalogue of lining materials, fittings, etc.
Upholstery covers Orchard Upholstery (Hemel Hempstead) Judy Hicks, the lovely lady who made all our cushion covers, has now retired. We wish her all the best for the future.
Formica Laminate Sheet Formica Laminates Modern Laminates Ltd, Watford Very helpful people; order placed lunchtime, it arrived next morning. Can make any worktop to your requirements in their workshop, or just supply the materials.
Stainless steel screws, twist drills, etc. Toolstation Worth looking into for small quantities of screws.
Passenger seat, swivel, single seat base Wyvern Leisure Citroen seat, FASP swivel, Fiat base. Had some grief buying from this supplier, but they did act swiftly to replace incorrect seat, so include them here. Website appears to be offline.

Accessories Suppliers

Item Manufacturer - website Supplier - website Comment
Windscreen Cab Insulation 'Silver Screen' Silver Screens Buy direct from manufacturer Works well in both summer and winter. Never seen condensation on inside of our windscreen. Beware cheap imitations that do not work!
Roof Awning Fiamma agentfiamma Fiamma F65S awning, complete with winding handle, but also requires Adapters (roof brackets) for high roof lwb Ducato - not supplied with awning. Quality product. Good service from this supplier: also known as
2-Bike Rack Fiamma fiammastore Fiamma Carry-Bike 200DJ. Fiamma state: 'no drilling necessary', but then advise drilling door for 'security screws'. Work that one out! We drilled the door for two high-tension bolts at the top fixing strip and will probably drill the door to secure the lower fixing strip in due course.
Lafuma Outdoor Chairs Lafuma Lafuma French manufacturers of quality outdoor furniture. Highly recommended
External Step Milenco Towsure British manufacturer of a range of products for motorhomes and caravans. Excellent step for those unsteady on their feet. They make an even bigger one too!
Catalytic Converter anti-theft alarm Trucksecure Trucksecure Electronic alarm system which sounds a 114db alarm if an attempt is made to remove the catalytic converter. A strobe light and warning label also provide an active deterrent to any potential thief that your van is not an easy target.
Van tyres Continental Event Tyres Web-based, country-wide mobile tyre fitting company. Had the best prices for the Continental Vanco 2 tyres we wanted. Came and fitted them on Deep Red in the driveway at time we chose. Excellent service in a truly professional manner. Highly recommended.
Website Hosting by The Manchester-based folks who host our website. For the past 10 years they've given excellent service.

Sources of Information
TRADA - Timber Research and Development Association TRADA Useful information on timber, plywood, etc. Have to register (free) to get most info (register as a bespoke motorhome builder!)
Cable Sizes Calculator Antares If one isn't sure of the size of cable to use (or likely voltage drop) this calculator should help


SBMCC - The Self Build Motor Caravanners Club

Truly worthwhile club for anyone contemplating doing a self-build for the first time. Annual membership £15 (at July 2015), but one can save that many times over from discounts and tips from members on the best suppliers. Has a huge archive of information in addition to the on-line forums where you can get answers or just unload your worries with like-minded folks. Not simply an internet website, but a club of real people(!) that has meets around the country and in Europe. We have no financial interest etc., with the club other than being members.


MCC - The Motor Caravanners' Club

"A Club run by Motor Caravanners for Motor Caravanners."

Membership only open to owners of motor caravans (whether they be a 'factory' produced motor caravan or 'private' conversion). Has geographical groups and special interest groups offering local rallies and holiday sites; a monthly magazine; web site with forum and expert support. Has its own CL-type campsites and night halts. Membership £33.50 per year (at July 2015).

A genuinely friendly club and well worth joining once you have your motor caravan in a useable state. [I would surmise not necessarily completely finished, but recogniseable as a 'motor caravan' - it will need to be self sufficient and have a working toilet - many rallies are held where only a water tap and chemical disposal are available].